Marketing is storytelling

Mojo Your Business is an award-winning consultancy and training company specialising in communication. We help companies understand what makes them different to their rivals. Together, we craft that into a compelling story and coach leaders and teams how to tell that story really well. We refer to this as a form of ‘Verbal PR’.

The result is a less commoditised brand, where people buy from you not just for logical reasons, but because it FEELS right. With a more remarkable story you’ll find it easier to attract and retain clients – and talent!

We work in one of THREE ways:

SoM for WPSchool of Mojo

This is a 6-month programme to help people develop consultative selling skills. It’s about learning the art of ‘soft persuasion’, a type of educational selling where people promote themselves and their ideas. Ideal for business owners but also a great way to develop key personnel in larger companies.

Bespoke consultancy and training

Sometimes location or specific circumstances require a more tailored solution. This may involve helping key personnel in a private setting or the production of some web copy, blogs, slide presentations or a fresh business vision.

Keynote speaking

Andrew Thorp, co-founder of Mojo Your Business, is an award-winning speaker and has appeared on many business & educational platforms in the UK and overseas. His specialism is the use of storytelling as a tool for brand communication and internal culture change.

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