Put some mojo into your communication!

Mojo Your Business™ is an award-winning company providing training & consultancy in communication. We specialise in what we call ‘Verbal PR’, those critical moments when people have to ‘sell’ themselves to their audience (when presenting, networking or perhaps being interviewed).

Here, you need 2 things:

  • A good story to tell
  • The ability to tell it well

Our mission is to give people the strongest possible message and the skill and confidence to deliver it well when it matters – so it brings results.

What’s the problem?
We believe that relatively few people do justice to their product or service when asked to explain it. There’s a tendency to default to a rather bland, factual description which does nothing to excite the audience or distinguish you from your rivals. If you push out this kind of message you’ll get drowned out in a sea of noise.

Group of speakersWhat’s needed is a strong story – something more authentic and human to which people can relate. Instead of explaining what you do, you might explain why you do it in the way you do and the impact this has on the people you serve (and on you).

Mojo Your Business™ will help you craft that story and give you the support you need to deliver it ‘in the field’. This is an essential attribute of leaders, managers and sales people who need to make an impact when it matters. Get this right and you’ll de-commoditise your offering and magnetise your business!

Telling your story online
Although we’re primarily known for our work in interpersonal communication skills, we also contribute to a company’s online presence. That’s because websites can no longer function effectively as static, online brochures. Companies are expected to have a voice and to produce a regular stream of relevant and engaging CONTENT – blogs, videos, white papers, interviews, etc.

Mojo discussion groupIn our experience, this is best generated from conversations WITHIN the organisation and Mojo Your Business™ has a methodology (a content ‘engine’) which involves facilitated discussion groups and the sharing of experiences.

Not only does this generate the kind of content which can attract clients, it also has remarkable ‘side-effects’ – greater team cohesion, staff engagement, creative thinking, more sales opportunities and improved communication skills.

Bring some mojo to your business

Our team of internationally experienced consultants have been working with clients like KPMG, Unilever, General Medical Council, Pannone, Beaverbrooks, the Academy for Chief Executives and many other corporate and public sector clients to encourage a new story-based approach to communication.

See a list of some of our clients here and testimonials here.

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